In addition to my blog posts, I have also written articles for other websites. Links to those articles are found here:

How to Decide What to Automate

In this article, I describe twelve things to consider when you are deciding what tests to automate.

What is API Testing and Why Should We Be Using It?

In this article, I describe how an API works and walk the reader through creating a collection of API tests using Swagger and Postman.

7 Bad Habits to Avoid as a QA Engineer

In order to ensure that we do high-quality work as testers, we need to make sure that we are not falling into bad habits such as testing things we don't understand, or making assumptions rather than clarifying expected behavior.  These and other habits are discussed in this article.

How I Discovered My Passion for Software Testing at the Age of 39

Most of us don't know what we want to do with our lives when we are in our teens and twenties.  In this article, I get personal and describe how I discovered my passion for software testing, and how you can discover your passion too.

Using Agile Principles to Iterate on Your Life

Agile is good for more than just software development!  In this article, I describe how you can use agile principles to make gradual changes in your life.

The Automation Test Wheel

We've all heard of the Automation Test Pyramid; in this article I describe how we can think about what to automate using the Automation Test Wheel.