Author: kristinjackvony

Introduction to REST Requests

More and more companies are moving toward a microservices model for their applications.  This means that different sections of their application can have a separate datastore and separate commands for interacting with that datastore.  The advantage to this is that it’s easier to deploy changes to a small component of the application rather than the […]

Testing Forms

Today is the day that we’ll be putting it all together!  In the past few posts, we’ve been looking at different types of text fields and buttons; now we’ll discuss testing a form as a whole. There are as many different ways to test forms as there are text field types!  And unfortunately, testing forms […]

Testing Buttons

Buttons tend to be something that it’s easy to forget about.  The “Save” button is so ubiquitous that it seems like it would just work.  But overlooking testing buttons on a page can also mean overlooking bugs.  Recently someone told me about new functionality she was testing on an existing web page.  The new feature […]

Testing Date Fields

Date fields are another data type that seems simple to test.  After all, dates are standard throughout the world: there’s a month, a day of the month, and a year.  But as you will see below, there are many factors to consider and many scenarios to test. There are three main areas to think about […]

Testing Postal Codes

A text field with a postal code looks so simple, and yet it can be one of the most complex things to test on a form.  There are two important questions to ask before you start testing postal codes: 1. What countries does our application support? 2. What formats will we be accepting for the […]