Author: kristinjackvony

Finding an Element With Webdriver- Part I

The most useful method of Webdriver is the findElement() method.  It can also be the most frustrating:  you can see the element you want on your webpage, but it’s often difficult to figure out how to tell Webdriver to find it! There are many different ways to find an element with findElement(): By.idBy.classNameBy.nameBy.linkTextBy.partialLinkTextBy.tagNameBy.cssSelectorBy.xpath I will […]

Setting up Maven

In order to use Webdriver, you will need to have Maven installed and set up.  Fortunately, the helpful people at Apache Software have created an excellent tutorial about how to set up Maven: It probably won’t take you five minutes as advertised, but it will take you less than a day.  Don’t worry too […]

Setting Up Your Java Environment

In order to write your automated tests in Java, you will need the Java Development Kit, or JDK.  Here are instructions for downloading and installing the JDK: 1. Navigate to 2. Click on the download button for the JDK 3. Click the radio button that signifies that you have accepted the license agreement 4. […]