Author: kristinjackvony

Setting Up Your Java Environment

In order to write your automated tests in Java, you will need the Java Development Kit, or JDK.  Here are instructions for downloading and installing the JDK: 1. Navigate to 2. Click on the download button for the JDK 3. Click the radio button that signifies that you have accepted the license agreement 4. […]

Introduction to Java: Passing Parameters

When I first started learning Java, I was fairly perplexed by the parentheses found after every method.  Sometimes they were empty, and sometimes they had values in them, and I didn’t understand why.  Plus, in the declaration of a method, there was a variable mentioned before the method name, and I didn’t know why that […]

When to Automate

The first step in automation success is knowing when to automate and when not to automate.  Here are some guidelines: DO automate repetitive tasks. Recently I needed to add over 600 records to our application in order to fully test a feature.  Rather than add just a few records to partially test it, I created […]

Why Automate?

For many of you, your initial answer to the question “Why automate?” may be “Because management wants me to.”  This is, of course, a valid reason.  But after you have a few automated tests written, you will discover other, more important reasons: It saves you time. At first it will seem as if automation is […]


This blog is aimed at Software QA Engineers who know nothing about test automation.  I was just like you six months ago.  After much trial and error, I have successfully automated many tests, and I would like to share what I learned with you and hopefully save you some time and trouble! In the next […]