Author: kristinjackvony

Book Review: Unit Testing Principles, Practices, and Patterns

It’s book review time once again, and this month I read Unit Testing Principles, Practices, and Patterns by Vladimir Khorikov.  I thought that a book about unit testing would be pretty dry, but it was really interesting! Since I am not a developer I don’t usually write unit tests, although I have done so occasionally when a […]

Why We Test

Most software testers, when asked why they enjoy testing, will say things like: I like to think about all the ways I can test new features It’s fun to come up with ways to break the software I like the challenge of learning how the different parts of an application work I certainly agree with […]

Book Review: Perfect Software and Other Illusions About Testing

“Perfect Software and Other Illusions About Testing”, by Gerald Weinberg, is the best book on testing I have ever read.  It is a must-read for anyone who works with software: CEOs, CTOs, scrum masters, team leads, developers, product owners, business analysts, and software testers. Before I get into why this book is so great, I’ll […]